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Gender stereotypes are limiting our sons and our daughters

Patriarchal notions of manhood don’t just harm women, they hurt men. Toxic definitions of masculinity lead to well-documented problems like high rates of gun violence, suicide and sexual violence. That’s why organizations like the Representation Project are committed to advancing the discussion about how gender limits the freedoms of both women and men. They recognize that society’s gender ideals aren’t only damaging for women; they’re universally harmful.

Their latest video examines how stereotypes constrain all people from the moment they are born.

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Emotion and expressing emotion are human traits. Don’t rob boys of their humanity. @zellieimani


this show is so important to me


this show is so important to me


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i love conspiracy theories bc at first you think they’re utter bullshit but then you start reading these crackpot articles and suddenly you’re convinced Obama is actually a reptilian overlord and the moon landing was faked

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Just got this email, this is just pathetic now

Just got this email, this is just pathetic now